What is the Average life of an air conditioner?
In this extreme desert climate, the average life of an Air Conditioner is about 11 years.
Why or when should I replace my existing HVAC unit / system?
You should consider replacement after 11 years if you have had a major issue with your unit or you notice if your electric bills are skyrocketing in the summer months.
Why would my AC unit suddenly start blowing hot or warm air?
If you notice an issue with your unit running but not cooling it could be any number of issues so it is best to call us right away to come take a look.
What causes an Air Conditioning Unit to Freeze up?
Oftentimes when a unit freezes up it is due to a minor refrigerant leak in the unit.
What is the average cost to replace just the compressor?
I can’t speak for most companies but to replace just the compressor is nearly the same as if you were to replace the entire outside condensing unit. The average cost with labor and refrigerant is about $3,000 so that is why we would regularly recommend replacement of the whole unit or at least the outside condenser.
How much does a new Air Conditioner cost?
At Always Fair Heating and Air we try hard to get you the best brands at the lowest prices. Pricing on new units depends on the seer you are looking for as well as the size of the unit needed.
How do I know what size of Air Conditioner I need for my home?
All new AC systems require R-410A refrigerant, when this refrigerant was first introduced, we were given a basic mathematical formula to go by and that is for every 400 square feet you need 1 ton of cooling, so if you have a 1600 square foot home, you should require a 4 ton unit.
How often should my unit need maintenance?
We recommend it at least once a year, usually right before summer. Some people like to do it twice a year and we don’t mind that as well but a person should at the very least have one maintenance done every year either just before summer or right after.
How often should I change my air filters?
It is recommended to change your air filters out monthly but let’s face it, most of us don’t. So if you are doing it every other month and getting routine maintenance you should be fine.